Borewell V-4 (100mm. Dia.) Submersible Motor Pumpsets.


GENERAL : Ideal use for Domestic and Community water supply, High rise buildings, Housing complexes, Bunglows, etc.

IRRIGATION : Drip, Sprinkler and Open irrigation, Gardening, Seed farms, Nurseries, etc.

INDUSTRIAL : Where small water discharge required at high pressure, like Dairy industries or low pressure high discharge in industries, Cooling water circulating systems, Air conditioning installations, Fountains, Mining industries, etc.



All components are manufactured from Standard Materials. They are precisely machined on, "MODERN MACHINES", including, "CNC MACHINES", to give years of trouble free reliable operation.

S.S. and high grade engineering plastic components resist corrosion and abration.

Water lubricated wet type motor.

High operating efficiency.

Precise parts for longer life.

Water cooled.

Simple construction.

Easily dismantled and repaired.

Can handle up thrust loads.

Designed for wide voltage fluctuations.



Nominal Diameter 96 mm. (4")
Power Range

0.37 kw to 1.5 kw, Single phase

0.75 kw to 3.7 kw, Three phase

Speed 2800 RPM
Flow Rate (LPS) 0.25 - 4.5
Total Head Range 250 mtrs.
Nominal Outlet sizes 25 mm. (1"), 32 mm. (1.25"), 40 mm.(1.5"), and 50 mm. (2").

50 Hz., 200 - 240 V A.C., Single phase

50 Hz., 380 - 415 V A.C., Three phase

Maximum Outer Diameter 96 mm.
Type of Duty S1 (continuous)
Maximum Starts per Hour 6 times
Method of Starting Capacitor Start and Capacitor Run (CSCR), Permanent Split Capacitor (CSR) for Single phase and Direct On Line (DOL), for Three phase
Cable Connection Permanently connected and sealed PVC insulated 3 core flat cable.




Discharge Head Closed Graded Cast Iron
Check Value Nitrile Rubber Ball
Diffuser Shell S.S. 304 / 410
Impeller Polycarbonate glass filled
Diffuser Polycarbonate glass filled
Suction Inter-connector Closed Grain Graded Cast Iron
Inlet Screen S.S.
Pump Shaft S.S. 410 / 431

Cable Guard

S.S. 410
Coupling S.S. 410



Upper and Lower Housings Closed Grain Graded Cast Iron
Stator Shell Stainless Steel / M.S.
Shaft S.S. 410
Journal Bush Leaded Bronze (LTB - 4)
Thrust Assembly G.M. and Fibre / S.S. and Teflon / S.S. and Carbon


 • All products carry a 12 month's warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing  defects.
 • Before comissioning of pumpset, please go through and follow up the instructions of our  Operator's Instructions Manual Book carefully.

 Note : In view of continuous developments, the informations / descriptions / specifications /  illustrations given are subject to change without notice.