Electrical Stamping (Laminations)

ASHOK INDIA electrical stampings produce all types of electrical stamping which are specially designed and developed to suit our ASHOK INDIA brand products.

Our electrical stampings are made from processed Silicon Electrical Steel of Cold Rolled Non-grain Oriented (CRNGO) with M-45 and M-47 grades and Semi processed. CRN Grade, which is then under went Hi-Perm Process.

We have Series of Hydraulic Presses from 5 Tonne to 120 Tonne capacity to work our progressive dies and Mechanical Presses of capacity 5 to 80 tonne for small batch production of specially designed motor stampings. In addition, we have Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding machine for Copper Rotor Brazing.

Tool Room : We have well established tool room for manufacturing and maintaining tools and dies at our in-house. Tool room is not only economical but also advantage for day to day developments without any loss of time.
In addition, we have well equipped Auto-CAD facilities with most modern CNC machine shop.

Products Ranges :

Submersible Motor Stampings.
Single Phase Motor Laminations/Stampings.
Three Phase Motor Laminations/Stampings.

Press Machines
Clitted Stators

Aluminium Die - Casted Rotors
Electrical Stampings/Lamination

 Note : In view of continuous developments, the informations / descriptions / specifications /  illustrations given are subject to change without notice.