Thrust Bearing Pad Set

Thrust Bearing Pad set is the heart of Submersible Motor to ensure frictionless, lesser wear and tear, higher speed for better performance. Fibre/Carbon/Teflon pads possess frictionless properties, resistance to corrosion and their ability to function at high temperature. Their nature of self-lubricant with minimum wear and tear and their good thermal conductivity have been used in combination with diamond polished G.M / Stainless Steel Segment to make Fibre/Carbon/Teflon Thrust Bearing Pads. For the same we have developed the high qualitative inspection for checking of high precision grinding, lapping and polishing surfaces.

Available Types:

Thrust Bearing Pad Sets are available in the following combinations :-

Gun Metal Fibre.

Stainless Steel Carbon.

Stainless Steel Teflon.

Special Features :

No lubrication is required, as fibre/carbon/teflon itself is a lubricant.

Contact surfaces of both fibre/carbon/teflon, as well as, G.M./S.S. segments are diamond polished with clear mirror finish hence, wear and tear is almost negligible.

Thin water layer in between fibre/carbon/teflon and G.M./S.S. segments, acts as and extra natural lubricant, which allows the motor to run with minimum noises.






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