A.C. Squirrel Cage Induction Electric Motors (Foot Mounted.)


Industries, Domestic, Agriculture, Compressors, Power looms, Sugarcane crushers, Textile machinery, Agro-industrial machinery, Thrashers, Rice mills, Industrial machinery, etc.


All components are manufactured from quality materials. They are precisely machined on, "MODERN MACHINES", including, "CNC MACHINES", to give years of reliable trouble free operation.

Robust in construction.

High operating efficiency.

Highly durable.

Designed for wide voltage fluctuations.

Less operational and maintenance cost.

Flange mounted motors and foot mounted motors.

Special heavy duty agriculture and thrasher models, 3.7, 5.5, 7.5, 11 and 15 kw in 4 - pole phase version motors are available. They are made for heavy variable loads and wide voltage fluctuations which always occur in agriculture fields.


Totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage induction motors.

Suitable for 200- 240 V, Single phase and 380- 415 V, Three phase, 50 Hz. power supplies.

Rigid Cast Iron construction.

Dynamically balanced rotors for low vibration and noises.

Large sized Ball Bearing for extended life.

High output cooling fan for better cooling.

Available with A, B and F class insulations.

Flange mounted motors can be provided.

Eye bolt provided from 3.7 kw and onwards for easy handling.

IP 44 protection as standard.




Power Range

0.37 kw to 1.5 kw, Single phase - 4 pole
0.37 kw to 45 kw, Three phase - 6 pole, 4 pole, 2 pole

6 pole - 960 RPM, 4 Pole - 1440 RPM, 2 pole - 2880 RPM
A.C. 50 Hz., Single phase, 200 - 240 V, Capacitor Start and Capacitor Run (CSCR) and A.C. 50 Hz., Three phase, 380 - 415 V, Direct On Line (DOL), Star Delta (SD)
Degree of Protection
IP 44 / IP 55
Class of Insulation
A / B / F
Direction of Rotation
CW(Clock Wise) and CCW(Counter / Anti Clock Wise)
Type of Duty
S1 (continuous)
Method of Starting

CSCR - Single phase
0.37 kw to 10 kw Direct On Line(DOL) - Three phase
7.5 kw to 22.5 Star Delta (SD) - Three phase

Motor Frame
Cast Iron
EN - 8 / EN - 9

Class A motors - Foot mounted
Class B and F motors - Foot mounted / Flange mounted

Terminal Box position
Side terminal / Top terminal


 • All products carry a 12 month's warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing  defects.
 • Before comissioning of pumpset, please go through and follow up the instructions of our  Operator's Instructions Manual Book carefully.

 Note : In view of continuous developments, the informations / descriptions / specifications /  illustrations given are subject to change without notice.