Domestic Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps


Domestic, Irrigation, Agriculture, Farms, Gardens, Industries and Civil applications, etc.


All components are manufactured from materials as per Standard Specifications. They are precisely machined on, "MODERN MACHINES", including, "CNC MACHINES", to years of reliable operations.

Monoblocks are designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations.

Uni-casting volute chamber is designed to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency.

Air locking is prevented by center delivery casing.

Pumpset employs at 200 / 240 Volts, 50 Hz., Capacitor Start and Run, 2850 RPM, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor.

Better insulating materials are used so that Monoblock can withstand high temperature rise.

All rotating components are dynamically balanced to ensure long bearing life and vibration free operations.

High operating efficiency of the Monoblock results onto greater water discharge rate and low power consumption.

Superior mechanical shaft seal for longer life and effective sealing against water leakage.

Grease lubricated anti-friction ball bearing are fitted at both ends to withstand radial and axial loads.

Good suction lift characteristic.

In single phase motor, centrifugal switch is not required which means less and easy maintenance.


Power Range

0.37 kw to 1.5 kw , Single phase, 2pole

0.37 kw to 1.5 kw , Three phase, 2 pole

Speed 2850 / 2880 RPM

A.C.50 Hz., Single phase 200-240 V Permanent Split Capacitor (CSR)

A.C. 50 Hz., Three phase 380- 415 V Direct On Line (DOL)

Insulation Class A / B
Type of Duty S1 (continuous)


Pump Casing

Closed Grain Graded Cast Iron

Motor Frame Closed Grain Graded Cast Iron / Aluminium
Impeller Closed Grain Graded Cast Iron
Shaft Stainless Steel
Sealing Mechanical Seal


Suction Lift

7 mtrs.

Maximum Total Head 48 mtrs.
Flow Rate 15 LPS
Maximum Liquid Temperature 33 oC
Maximun Ambient Temperature 40 oC

Nominal Pump sizes

(Suction x Delivery)

25 x 25 mm. (1" x 1")

40 x 40 mm. (1.5" x 1.5")

50 x 40 mm. (2 " x 1.5")

50 x 50 mm. (2" x 2")

65 x 50 mm. (2.5" x 2")



 • All products carry a 12 month's warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing  defects.
 • Before comissioning of pumpset, please go through and follow up the instructions of our  Operator's Instructions Manual Book carefully.

 Note : In view of continuous developments, the informations / descriptions / specifications /  illustrations given are subject to change without notice.