Submersible Flat Cables

ASHOK INDIA Submersible Flat Cables are made of Electrolytic Grade (E.C. Grade) bright copper conductor up to 1100 volts grade, conforming to IS : 694. The final protection of outer sheath is made from high grade flexible PVC/Rubber compound impervious to water, grease, oil etc., thereby, it ensures long life and has good withstanding capacity to high voltage and current.  The cables can be used for supplying power to all types of indoor and outdoor portable and fixed pumping equipments. These PVC/Rubber insulated and single/double sheathed 3 core and 4 core Flat/Round submersible cables are available in many sizes.

Cables Specification :

The most common used Cable sizes 1.5 sq. mm. and 2.5 sq. mm.

Cables that are also available are 4 sq. mm., 6 sq. mm. and 10 sq. mm.


Cables Technical Specifications :

Voltage Rating - 1100 Volts.

Temperature Range - -10 oC to +70 oC.

Conductor-High conductivity annealed and bunched copper.

Insulation Material - Flexible water proof PVC / Rubber.

Sheath Material - Flexible waterproof PVC / Rubber.

Core Colour - 3 Core Red, Yellow and Blue.

4 Core Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.






 Note : In view of continuous developments, the informations / descriptions / specifications /  illustrations given are subject to change without notice.